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Stainless damascus watches ... LAYER ... Swiss made...

LAYER stainless damascus watches  ... Hand made...

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LAYER WATCHES is the first brand to offer a case entirely made of forged stainless damascus steel.

This steel is hand  forged  by an american craftsman, one of the few to offer  a working of a blacksmith craftsman with the quality needed to make a time piece.        

The entire watchmaking of Layer has been entrust to swiss craftsman clockmakers whose experience seemed crucial to accomplish successfully these exceptionnal pieces... The very small quantity of this first serie reflects it’s confidential side.

Only 75 watches in stainless damascus steel form the serie 0...

The concept of this watch is genuinely unique by excellence…

Each watch has it’s own image and the different layers of the stainless damascus steel folded and re-folded, hammered and re-hammered, cut and re-cut are as a result the pattern at the surface of the steel…

Such as a finger print , it’s impossible to make one identical…

... The damascus steel ...

Each of these watches is elaborated from a bloc of steel forged : damas or mokume.

Steel Damas… This fantastic mix of steel and know how has nearly become a myth through out history.

In 2500 years before J.C. the Hitiites were already making it in Caucasus.

Quickly used in the entire world, it’s seems his name comes from the resemblance with the moiré aspect of the Damas cloth.

Through the Merovingian weapons to the Saracens scimitars during the crusades without forgetting the making of gun barrels around  the years 1800, under Napoléon in particular… Still used in Liège and Saint-Etienne in the middle of 19th century….

In fact the first idea was to mix a mild steel with a hard steel in order to combine the advantages of one with those of the other that is to say the flexibility of mild steel with the hardness of hard steel.

The development of iron very quickly helped discover the steel, it being of iron carbide.

But the technical characteristic of steel or iron not always corresponding exactly to the needs we had, the blacksmith discovered combining both they would benefit from their qualities reducing at the same time their imperfections.

Indeed mild iron or steel are flexible and malleable but do not cut well, wear out quickly; hard steel is very sharp and wear out very little but is breakable after being soaked.

This technic has obviously illuminated the imagination of some people, and very quickly the aesthetics quality has been used in making part meant to be offered and slowly the world of art cutlery and jewelry took interest in it; and mokume made its appearance. 

It is why since man plays with fire, he has tried all mixtures and combinations that his imagination has whispered to him.

*Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defect.